Screams from beneath the rubble haunt Syrian earthquake survivors

  • A Syrian survivor of the lethal earthquake says he’s haunted by the screams of these trapped.
  • “These cries are in my ears,” instructor and activist Abdulkafi Alhamdo advised the “Today” present.
  • A strong 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Syria and Turkey on Monday, killing greater than 5,000 folks.

A Syrian survivor of the lethal earthquakes that devastated components of war-torn Syria and Turkey says he couldn’t sleep listening to the screams of individuals trapped below the rubble of collapsed buildings.

“We were trying hard to get these people out,” Abdulkafi Alhamdo, a instructor and activist, stated throughout an interview. on NBC’s “Today” show on Tuesday. “We were hearing voices from under the rubble. We were hearing people shouting messages from under the rubble.”

Alhamdo stated he and different rescuers “could not do anything” on account of an absence of emergency tools to assist these trapped.

Alhamdo stated, “I could not sleep. These screams are in my ears. I could not sleep at night because they are still in my ears.”

“When you know there are some people two meters away from you and you can’t help, it’s very difficult for me and for anybody,” he stated.

A strong 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey and northern Syria early Monday, killing greater than 5,000 folks, injuring hundreds and destroying hundreds of buildings.

In response to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), about 9 hours after the earthquake, a second earthquake of magnitude 7.5 struck, including to the devastation.

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Alhamdo stated that simply earlier than the preliminary quake struck, he was together with his household in the metropolis of Dart Izza when his younger daughter got here into his bed room with a toothache.

“I just asked him to lie down beside me,” Alhamdo stated, explaining how “after a few moments” all the pieces “started to move.”

“I heard vibrations,” Alhamdo stated. His daughter requested if it might be on account of an assault by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad or Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Then the tremors turned “longer and stronger,” Alhamdo stated, including that he then “knew” it was not an assault.

Alhamdo’s household survived the quake, however he stated the nation was devastated.

“It has already been destroyed by the earthquake,” he stated. “Now it’s just been destroyed twice.”

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