Olympic team skaters still don’t have medals a year after Video games. Why?

Kamila Valiva (ROC) in the Women's Figure Skating free program during the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games at Capital Indoor Stadium on February 17, 2022.

This week, the Olympic world approaches an undisclosed anniversary. It has been a year for the reason that conclusion of the team determine skating competitors on the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, a year for the reason that athletes’ medal ceremony was postponed, USA TODAY Sports activities reported, citing a optimistic by Russian star Kamila Valiva. Was drug examined. The explanation for the unprecedented delay and subsequent cancellation of the ceremony.

To this present day, the athletes still don’t have their medals.

U.S. team co-captain Evan Bates stated in a current interview, “I think the last time we talked, I used the word disappointing when I was on site in Beijing and unfortunately (a year After) definitely felt the same way.” “It’s a really difficult situation that we find ourselves in, a situation that we never would have anticipated, I think, when we left Beijing.”

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