Uorfi Javed slams Aditya Chopra’s nepotism comment: It isn’t about success, it’s about the opportunities – Times of India

Urofi Javed has reacted strongly Aditya ChopraTouch upon nepotism in the lately launched docu-collection ‘The Romantics’.
Though in the present he admitted that Uday Chopra Yash was Chopra’s son, they might not make him a star. Responding to this, Uorfi wrote in his Instagram tales, “The sheer ignorance on this statement bothers me so much, nepotism is not about success, it’s about opportunities. Uday Chopra was not good looking (not that it matters but I am making a point), was not a good actor, his films failed miserably at the box office but still he kept getting work. If there was Uday Chauhan (not from Bollywood), he would not have got all these opportunities after one flop film. Are you going to defend nepotism using this? In fact?”

Throughout his look on ‘The Romantics’, Aditya Chopra had addressed the subject of nepotism and mentioned, “My brother is an actor and he is not a very successful actor. Now, here comes one of the biggest filmmakers He is the son of a very big film producer. Think of a company like YRF, which probably launched the hottest new people, and we couldn’t make him a star. Why can’t we do it for our personal Because the bottom line is that only an audience will decide, ‘I like this person, I want to see this person’. No one else can decide that.”

Uday made his debut in 2000 with ‘Mohabbatein’ after which went on to work in ‘Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai’, ‘Neil ‘n’ Nikki’ and ‘Supari’. His final look on the large display screen was in the 2013 movie ‘Dhoom 3’.

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