Eva Longoria Addresses the Possibility of Running for Office

Is Eva Longoria Contemplating a profession in politics?

Whereas showing in the HBO Max collection Who’s speaking to Chris Wallace?The 48-year-old actress-director was requested by the host Chris Wallace If she would take into account working for workplace someday.

Hold studying to know extra…

“No, no, and especially in this moment of politics,” Eva answered in line with People, “It’s very divisive, and I don’t see how to have faith in politicians at this point.”

“I can see where voter apathy comes in… For me, I really strongly believe that the most powerful part of a democracy is the citizens,” Eva to proceed. “We have more power as a citizen than as a politician.”

chris To query why she wouldn’t wish to run for workplace, calling her “smart,” “thoughtful,” and “reflective” earlier than saying that she can be very best qualities of a candidate and “a particular segment of the population.” is a logo.

“Well, I think that’s the main thing. I’m an activist and I’m an advocate for many things and many causes but I don’t speak for Latinos. Eva responded to. “And I think where politicians go wrong is they want to speak for the people. ‘I speak for women, I speak for Latinos.’ I don’t do any of these things.”

“And what I try to encourage politicians is not to come knocking on our doors every four years with a taco truck and trying to get our vote,” Eva to proceed. “When our lives do not matter, do not say that our vote issues. It’s important to be part of these communities. Not day by day, not each 4 years.

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