What happened to Rosa Chacon? Missing Chicago woman’s body found wrapped in a sheet

What happened to Rosa Chacon? Missing Chicago Woman

What happened to Rosa Chacon?  Missing Chicago woman's body found wrapped in a sheet

The body of lacking Chicago girl Rosa Chacon was found wrapped in a sheet. Allow us to see extra particulars about Rosa Chacon’s disappearance in the next paragraphs.

Body of lacking Rosa Chacon found

The household of Rosa Chacon, a 21-year-old girl who had been lacking for months, claimed Friday that she had been found useless on Chicago’s Southwest Aspect. Kin of Rosa Chacon say her body was found bundled in a buying cart and wrapped in sheets in an alley in the 2300-block of West twenty fourth Place.

The lady was final seen by her household exterior her home on January 18. Dwelling safety digital camera video exhibits Chacon ridesharing in the 2800 block of South St. Louis Avenue. Chacon’s household stated she did not take something along with her, together with her coat or ID.

What happened to Rosa Chacon?  Missing Chicago woman's body found wrapped in a sheet

Assertion of Rosa Chacon mom and father

“I miss my child,” stated his father, Jose Lucio. “Normally when our daughter is gone, we hear from her. She calls the subsequent day, he calls an hour after she leaves, she’s in a home, she’s protected, she’s good and heat. However we’ve not heard something.” Rosa Chacon, the victim’s mother, said, “I do not understand how they’ve the guts to do that.”

“She stated, ‘I will be again mother. I received an Uber experience there and an Uber experience again,’ that is what she instructed me,” her mother said. The Cook County Medical Examiner will determine her cause of death. Kin said that they identified him by the tattoos on his body. “He was the party type. He was not trouble,” said his brother, Juan Lucio.

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Her mother said she didn’t know where her daughter was going or who ordered a ride for her, and Uber declined to reveal. A spokesperson for the company says that they do not release personal information for privacy and policy reasons.

This field is no good to thieves and men

Community members are horrified and fearful. Flores says that this area is no good with thieves and men. This area is surrounded by vicious people. People get affected by it.

Meanwhile, the family reports Rosa Chacon’s disappearance to the Chicago police, but their concern turns to anger when they say the officers do nothing to help them. Alejandro Guzmán, the victim’s boyfriend, said, “The police stated it might have to be a felony for them to do something.”

Police investigation – trust no one

Rosa Chacón’s father said, “Be certain to watch your daughters extra intently.” “Don’t belief anybody.”

It’s not safe to trust someone with a new identity. Better to play safe nowadays. Most women will be very careful about where they are going and who they are going to.

As Chicago police continue to investigate, community activists are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

a previous update from Richard Detective Agency Inc.

Working closely with the family, we located Rosa Chacon. Unfortunately, Rosa is found dead. With the information we have, the medical examiner was able to identify Ms. Chacon. Keep his family in your prayers as this is a very difficult time for them. Thank you all for sharing.

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The family has reached out to us for help. Rosa Chacon has been missing since January 18, 2023. She was headed to the 2400 block of Western Avenue in Chicago at approximately 10:40 p.m. If you have any information on his whereabouts please contact us at 773-645-7996 so that you can be alerted.

social media response

Posted by Elizabeth Bello

Thank you all for your prayers and support during this time. I am Rosa’s eldest sister and I would just like to clarify that thank you to Richert Detective Agency Inc. Who is the one who identified my sister and not Laura. My family was not informed by CPD until long after the fact.

Posted by Andrea Hernandez

They need to see the name of the store on that shopping cart, go to the store and get the cameras. There are cameras everywhere in Chicago, surely a camera somewhere has seen who did this. Uber should investigate all pick-ups and drop-offs around the location she went missing.

Posted by Sophie Cushwick

He’s been missing for 2 months, where is he, someone had to see who put him there, it’s a busy road, poor girl RIP hope they get her kidnapper/murderer.

This killer put her in a shopping cart to take her away so it’s not far from where he put her, someone had to see something, she must be near, hopefully, someone with a shopping cart in the area Someone saw it. Hopefully, this murderer will be caught.

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