Zachary Levi Responds to Criticism of ‘Shazam 2′ End Credits Scenes & Speculation Over the Character Leaving the DC Universe

zachary levy Responding to the feedback surrounding the finish credit scenes in Shazam! fury of the gods,

Journalists and followers took to Twitter on Friday (March 17) and spoke with some criticizing the finish credit scenes as some imagine they may lead to nothing in the DC Prolonged Universe amid a change in management.

Director of shazam 2, david f sandberg, says that the film did not change in any respect after the change in management at DC. As a result of of this, followers assume that the finish credit scenes won’t be tied to the new DCEU. Brandon Davis wrote, “The problem I’ve right here is that if nothing is ever going to occur from these credit scenes… that is a bummer. In between suicide squad, peacemaker, black adamAnd Shazam! 2, it appeared the DCEU lastly discovered a route once more — and *then* the studio determined to reset. Dangerous timing.

Soar inside to see Zachary Levy’s response…

Zakari replied to this tweet and mentioned, “Nothing will ever happen?? Ummm, who says?? 🙃.”

One other particular person tweeted, “Hate to let you know, james gunn Simply took over all DC movie manufacturing, and so they mentioned that these Shazam films wouldn’t be included of their movie universe.

Zakari replied, “Hate to tell you, my friend, but james Didn’t say anything like that. All this conjecture coming from the peanut gallery of toxicity. A terrible place, really. May I suggest spending less time in those waters, and more in search of the truth. This is an amazing effort. .”

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