‘Hunger Games’ Fans Debate Viral Theory About Katniss Everdeen & President Snow

followers of starvation video games have very sturdy opinions in regards to the idea concerned Jennifer LawrenceKatniss Everdeen.

In case you have not seen the films or learn the books shortly, Katniss turns into the face of the insurrection in her residence nation and the mortal enemy of President Snow (Donald Sutherland) after volunteering for his sister Prime (willow shields) to compete within the annual Starvation Video games.

She then makes it clear that she is going to play by his personal guidelines by refusing to kill Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), one other tribute from his residence district.

Though it’s generally believed that Prim was chosen by likelihood, which led to Katniss’s resolution to volunteer for the Video games, some now consider that it was organized by President Snow. And different followers are seeing pink in regards to the idea.

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Two screenshots from TikTok did the rounds on Twitter this week, each of which uphold the speculation.

One says that President Snow “knew who Katniss was and feared the possibility of her rebelling and causing chaos.” In an try to “break” her spirit, he did in order that Prim was assured to be chosen for the Video games, not anticipating her older sister to volunteer.

One other consumer agreed that it was “not an accident” that Prime was chosen.

twitter consumer who shared tweets Together with the screenshots he wrote “Shut up” a number of occasions to make it clear that they weren’t in settlement.

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Others nodded in settlement.

“Not only is this theory dumb, but it also takes away one of the best parts of the trilogy, which was that Katniss wasn’t some ‘chosen one’,” one consumer. wrote,

“Snow didn’t know some f-cka-s poor girl from the poorest district of Panem, Katniss’ point, was a reluctant, reluctant symbol of the revolution who only wanted to save her sister,” one other Agreed,

one other fan Tweeted The idea “goes against not only her character but also the entire theme of the story.”

“And I don’t want to call people dumb because that would be mean, but both the books and the movies are very clear in how they detail why Katniss isn’t a ‘chosen’ kinda character,” he stated.

“Katniss is literally a random girl. Like…. IDG how some people completely miss this,” one other fan wrote,

one other consumer proposed separate principle This resulted in the identical outcome: “If it is by design I don’t think the primes were named because of Katniss, but simply because they can see how often someone’s name is in the draw and it sends a message.” is that if the folks of the district appear like it is a child who has 1. such as you’re not secure.

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