Kristoffer Polaha’s Hallmark Movies Ranked: You Won’t Believe Which is No. 1!

Christopher Polahaseventeenth venture with Hallmark, a successful staffis debuting tonight, and in honor of that, simply Jared Rating all his films!

Talking with the 46-year-old actor earlier this week, he expressed his gratitude for being part of the community.

He shared with us, “It’s definitely something I’m very proud of. I think when I’m 20, I’ll make it, I’ll perform it.” “I think any actor who gets to do what he loves to do for a living and works regularly should count his blessings.”

Kristoffer He added that he is “overwhelmed by Hallmark’s fan base, but then also the company itself.”

“I’ve by no means labored with a gaggle of individuals which might be extra collaborative and I hate to overuse the phrase, however love actually, as you all the time say present enterprise, it is a enterprise , Nevertheless it actually looks like there are lots of friendships which might be shaped. Even on the govt stage and dealing with the folks at Hallmark, it looks like a very cool neighborhood.

Head inside our slideshow to see which of Christopher Polaha’s Hallmark films we predict is #1!

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