Wisconsin man’s indoor citrus tree is 61 years outdated, part of the family

Mark Wass of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, has had a grapevine tree for about 61 years.  It gets hot out on the patio, but getting it back indoors for the winter takes muscle and some creative maneuvering.

Inexperienced Bay, Wis. – This is a family member mark was Allow them to come into the home solely when it is chilly exterior.

To not point out names – oops, it would not have one – however it’s over 6½ ft tall, barely matches by way of doorways, is undeniably heavy, has been identified to nook messes and to be Status is slightly thorn in his spouse’s aspect.

Nonetheless, I could not love that grapevine extra.

He was in second grade when he and his mom sowed a seed from half of a grapefruit that morning for breakfast. Not solely did it sprout, however 61 years later the tree that grew into it is nonetheless with him as we speak.

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